Image: Mad Media

The 2016 Mint 400 off-road race goes down outside Las Vegas on Saturday, March 12th. As is glorious tradition, all of the competing vehicles stampeded down the strip this week and as ever, it was one hell of a sight to behold.

Image: Mad Media

This year’s parade (and hopefully race) should be especially excellent to look at because more vintage vehicles have been thrown in the mix.


That sweet-ass early Bronco used to be piloted by none other than Rod Hall– a living legend of the off-road world who helped shape the sport since before that truck was brand new.

Image: Mad Media

Hall won’t be competing this year, but instead has the honorary title of Grand Marshall who will wave the green flag on race day.


If you’re anywhere near Las Vegas tomorrow and you want to have your mind blown by off-road racing insanity, come out west of the city and see the race for yourself. Spectating is free. You can track your favorite racers or just figure out where everybody is with the Mint’s sweet new tracking site. If you really want to stay close, you can follow race timing as well.

Image: Mad Media

And if you do make it out, try to spot the Jalopnik crew tearing-ass around the desert in a highlighter-yellow Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4²!

We hope to come back with stories and photos, “total coverage,” one way or another.

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