The Jalopnik Bump lives on! We've left our mark right at the front of the Momo Ferrari 458 and Porsche 911 that received the livery-by-Internet treatment during the Pirelli World Challenge offseason. Here are the livery contest winners you helped choose. Ya done good, Internet. Ya done real good.

Eduardo Cisneros' GT Cup Porsche 911 was practically made for the wide lines of the Internet's chosen design.

Also, Porsches look the best in red. (Not that I'm biased or anything.)

Henrique Cisneros' GTA-class Ferrari 458 was the other recipient of the livery.

Both cars run for NGT Motorsport here at Pirelli World Challenge, and I must say: NGT has excellent taste.

Here's some more pictures of epic winsauce. Enjoy.

Jalopnik's logo is in several locations on these cars, including the roof. Try to spot them all!

Photo credits: Camden Thrasher/MOMO (all but top photo)