That’s a Motörhead 1 Series at the Nürburgring, and no, there will be no more mention of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus in this post, because I’ll have plenty about Jim and Co. later.

Also, no Nissan GT-R either, because for some reason, I’m just not interested in them. I know it’s wrong and it’s certainly a great car and a proper racer, plus the one here is engine number 6 of the GT3s, so let’s show it’s most interesting part.


It’s a twin-turbo V6 producing many horsepower, and that’s why it needs a restrictor.

Now that we payed our respects to all of Nismo’s brilliant engineers, let’s move on to my favorites.


Okay, so the Motörhead 1 Series. If there’s one weirdly shaped small BMW to take home, this is it.

The one car everybody wants to beat is the R8. Audi brought plenty of them here just to make sure they dominate the scenery. Seven to be exact. These are not all of them, just the ones with the best liveries.

If an R8 LMS wanted to kick my ass to pulp, I would let it do its job.

Moving on to the widebody LFA. Are there any questions? There shouldn’t be.

Talking of wide bodies, how about the BMW Z4? I’m a sucker for these race cars because the standard Z4 is such a feminine car, I never understood why it tries so hard to look angry. This treatment corrects all the errors.

Talking of errors, there is zero here. Yes, this is an ancient Opel Astra, but it’s also a regular contender here.

I bet the same can be said about this E36. Want lightness? Go old school!

Having said that, it doesn’t get more old school than this Viper. What’s it like in the wet? Crashy would be my guess.

Despite how many times I met Chris Harris, he still doesn’t recognize me. I was waving at him earlier when he was riding his bicycle, but nothing.

No problem, I’m more interested in his Aston anyway.

Staying on the British side, I have no idea how Bentley made the Conti fast enough for GT3, but I love these beasts.

Rotek Racing’s fully badass Audi TT RS would deserve a spot here for the Jalopnik stickers alone, but there’s much more to it.

Do you think you know fake wood when you see some? Gawk at this Renault!

I would hoon the living green hell out of it.

Is the Falken livery the best livery? No. But pretty damn close.

Last but not least, the perfect combination of sweet and mean, Haribo Racing and their beefy SLS. They are doing this so right.

You have to make it here by Saturday, because with such a wide variety of cars competing at the toughest track in the world, this is going to be an epic weekend.

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik

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