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Practice for the World Endurance Championship season opener, the 6 Hours of Silverstone, was halted for an unusual reason in April: snow! Of course, every image coming out of the snow delay is wonderful in a particularly surreal way. Behold: Britain’s winter wonderland.

Conditions got a bit hairy while cars were briefly on track for Free Practice 3, with Anthony Davidson in the Toyota TS050 careening off the circuit backwards early on. Once the session was called off, a few folks started to have fun with it. After all, there is no snow tire in the WEC, and what else are you going to do?

Here are cars you’d rarely see in winter weather surrounded by big fluffy snowflakes, and some of these guys just can’t even. I’d suspect a few folks here migrate to places with dry weather in the winter just to get more track time in during the offseason. If that’s the case and it’s the rare occasion when you do see snow in person, it’s basically the most wonderful thing on earth.

I live in Texas, therefore, I know this reaction to mystery sky-fluff quite well! Behold, the simple joy of a WEC race during a snow delay.

There was, however, at least a few people (besides Davidson) who may not have been the happiest about the snow:

(Never mind that when you’re not racing is the perfect time for ice cream.)

Qualifying later started as planned, as the snowstorm had passed.

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