If you've ever wondered what happens if you fly of the top of the banking on an oval track, well, it's not pretty. Stock car racer Will Kimmel flew off Turn 1 at Mobile International Speedway during today's ARCA Mobile 200, ramping the barriers and hitting a fan's truck in the process.

According to motorsports reporter Matt Weaver, the incident happened on a restart. Kimmel's car had a stuck throttle at Turn 1, causing him to miss the turn and fly over the banking.

There is no retaining wall at the top of the banking, so Kimmel simply kept going, through the concrete barriers near the parking lot.

"Cars have just never kept going like that," explained Weaver.

Fortunately, Weaver also reports that ARCA officials have confirmed that Kimmel is out of the car and walking around. He appears to be fine.

Here's what flying through the air and bouncing into the parking lot will do to an ARCA car:


UPDATE: While he did make impact with a vehicle in the parking lot, it was only the trailer hitch of a Chevy Silverado. I've amended the title and details above to reflect this.

The Silverado (aside from a scratched-up tow hitch) looks fine.

There's also now video of the incident: