When we last saw Scott Speed’s Red Bull Global Rallycross Volkswagen Beetle, it looked a bit off. Too clean. Too polished. Too together. Now that it made it through the X Games’ Rally Car feature race to win the event, however, it looks much more like a real, honest-to-goodness off-road Volkswagen.

Speed’s Volkswagen added lightness on course, giving all the other competitors several obstacles to dodge in one of the hairpin turns.

It came in looking like it drove through a war zone, with bumpers and fenders off, and damage all over.

One of its slicks had even had a bit of tread cut into it from a dangling piece of bodywork.

In full X Games tradition, however, the GoPro somehow managed to stay on.

Anything stuck to a front fender wouldn’t have been as lucky.

The cool thing was that now the suspension and other bits that made the car work and handle were now somewhat visible.

Someone gave the Beetle a nice punt in the driver’s door, though.

That ultimately didn’t matter. Scott Speed still won the X Games’ Rally Car event, and gave Rally Chicken a celebratory kiss afterwards.

As for the car, I’m sure it’s nothing large hammers can’t fix. The scattered bodywork was loaded up on the roof as it went into scrutineering after the race.

None of the off-road Volkswagens I know are ever all that clean and tidy, including (and/or especially) Raph’s Baja Bug.

Now I can say without a doubt that Speed’s Beetle looks like a real off-road VW. It’s a bit worse for wear, but never underestimate the power underneath all that cutesy bodywork.

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