Photo credit: Porsche; Screencap via a default Google Chrome screen because nothing

The official paid live stream for one of the biggest events in motorsport—the 24 Hours of Le Mans—has been uncharacteristically bad this year, affected by occasional outages and periods of poor picture quality. The World Endurance Championship (of which Le Mans is a part) says they’ve been cyberattacked during the event.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the biggest racing events on the planet, attracting racing teams and drivers from around the world to race straight through for an entire day. It’s the flagship event of the WEC season, and thus, the WEC hosts the live stream for it through both an app and a dedicated website.


Problem is, today’s live stream suffered from occasional periods where the picture quality dipped below its promised 720p resolution and worse, lengthy outages.

Here’s what I saw when the stream completely crashed on me:

The Le Mans stream page during an outage earlier today, when video and timing information did not load. Screencap via WEC.
Sometimes the page refused to load entirely. Screencap via Google Chrome, because WEC loaded nothing.

I wasn’t the only one to report issues with the service, either:

The WEC acknowledged that there were issues a couple hours into the race, offering to refund anyone who was unsatisfied if they contact the support email.

Fortunately for those of us who got tired of Fox’s many and sometimes unannounced channel changes on cable TV, there aren’t a lot of other options that would be as good as the WEC’s live stream.


While I’ve heard mostly positive things about the Fox Sports Go continuous online coverage this year, that’s still a service tied to a cable subscription that a lot of the cord-cutting audience won’t have access to.

If you do have cable, most regular broadcast networks showing the race still show ads. When this year’s race is extra chaotic, you can miss a lot of action if it happens during an ad break.

Fortunately, the WEC’s Le Mans live stream does seem significantly more stable now, save for a couple sporadic but short blackouts. We’ve reached out to the WEC to ask for more details on the attack, and will update this post if we receive a response.