Welcome to the age of "why don't we have jet cars yet?" What will our Formula One cars look like in the near future? Fan and designer Andries van Overbeeke put together this stunning concept of what he envisions as a 2017 Red Bull car.

According to Top Gear, the F1 Strategy Group is getting serious about the idea of shaking up the formula again. They want to see 1000 bhp out of the V6 hybrid power units, and changes could come as early as 2017. Meatier tires and wider cars could be on the way, too, if Ferrari's insane concept has any say in the matter.

Sure, van Overbeek's "Echoes of a Nearby Future" Red Bull-liveried design may look a bit simple compared to where Formula One aero design has been going as of late, but that's almost part of its appeal.

This slender, space-age nose is a definite aesthetic improvement over the awkward thumbs and dongs of recent years.

We know the complex front wings serve a purpose, but this delicate three-bladed 'stache is somewhat of a breath of fresh air after looking at Mercedes' small replicas of the Texas Giant up front.

The rear wing cheese grater , however, is here to stay.

Van Overbeeke put several variations of Red Bull's livery on this concept, including a sinister gloss-on-matte black treatment that needs to happen now.

This is one of the cooler fan concepts to come out in years, perhaps because it's close enough to reality to seem plausible. Which look is your favorite? Do you think Formula One cars could ever go the other way and become cleaner looking designs again? Tell us in the comments below.

All I know is that this black-on-black Red Bull livery needs to happen now that helmet design changes can't be our jam anymore.

Render credits: Andries van Overbeeke

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