If you race a Ferrari, the entire Internet will swear that you’re playing with fire. Fortunately, it looks like the Scuderia Corsa No. 68 team has plenty of experience with fire, as they just put out a very stubborn pit lane flambé with ludicrous speed and sent their seared Ferrari 488 back out like it’s no big deal.

A leak while fueling ignited, quickly engulfing the fueler and the side of the No. 68 Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 488 GTE in a big fireball. Fortunately, everyone around the No. 68 pit space sprung into action. The fueler pulled back from the car and allowed his teammates to coat him in extinguisher.


That section of the pit lane was briefly completely obscured by a huge cloud that was a combination of smoke and fire extinguisher, but the sheer number of pit lane crew with extinguishers was able to put out the fire relatively quickly, especially given that it kept getting fed by leaking fuel.

Ever the professionals, Scuderia Corsa inspected the car once the fire was out and deemed it intact enough to put a driver back in and turn more laps. The fire only set them back only about three or four minutes. Currently, No. 68 is still running in sixth in the GTLM class.

Most importanly, no one was harmed in the fire—even the fueler who was in the middle of it.

Screencaps via IMSA