Spot the cars!

Break out the ark. Conditions at today’s Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge race at Virginia International Raceway went from “awesome, rain!” to Old Testament-grade punishment in a matter of minutes. Normally we wouldn’t think twice about a wet race, but this one almost completely hid the cars.

High winds and lightning added to the chaos, forcing teams, marshals, fans and other staff at the track to seek shelter.

No matter who wins the race, I think this board surfing guy wins at rain delay.

Many cars were still out on slick tires, which have no grooves for water and tend to hydroplane in deep puddles. This produced some insane carnage before IMSA finally red flagged the race.

This Mini had perhaps the best off. He simply rallycrossed his way around the grass and back onto the track when he slid off into the grass.

Soon, even all-wheel-drive cars like this Audi were sliding off, and then the heavens opened.

When asked how he kept his slick-shod race car on the track on the broadcast, No. 76 C360R Ford Shelby GT350R-C driver Paul Holton simply replied, “I didn’t!”


Holton was leading the race overall and in the GS class when the race was red flagged with one hour and 58 minutes to go. The No. 31 Bodymotion Racing Porsche Cayman was leading the ST class.

If the rain starts falling again, maybe it’s time to caulk up a Cayman and make it watertight. Clearly, God is as unhappy with Virginia as Patrick is.


The race resumed with one hour and six minutes left to go under a full-course yellow flag.

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