Photo Credit: Kurt Bradley

I awoke this morning to a surprise: the Mercedes AMG GT that races in the GT3 category is not called the Mercedes AMG GT GT3, as I halfway hoped it would be. Instead it is the Mercedes AMG GT3. Hm.

Photo Credit: Kurt Bradley

This all started with a tweet from friend of Jalopnik Manny Suazo:

I had to double check this against a couple official Daimler AG press releases just to be sure:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

As not-so-Road & very-much-Track’s Fred Smith pointed out, this whole GT category for GT cars is kind of borked in terms of naming schemes:

I myself would love to see a Ford GT GT3, though the ultimate would probably be if Porsche to raced a 911 GT3 GT3, or a 911 GT3 RSR GT3.

Photo Credit: Kurt Bradley

In any case, I hope this has all been cleared up, in the case that anyone starts arguing with you about these things.