Some cars have gremlins. Other cars have, erm, acquire possum. If you ever need a good reason for why your race car is parked, crunched and/or no longer in the race, you can always blame someone who won't mind at all: Fluffy Bunny.

Thing is, Fluffy looks so repentant when you blame her for mishaps.

Look at those big, sad brown eyes. How could you stay mad? Ever?

She's a plausible culprit, too. Look at this mischievous bunny. Fluffy gets into everything.

So, enjoy this collection of carnage from the Pirelli World Challenge weekend that was clearly Bunny's fault.

Guy Cosmo's Audi R8 LMS Ultra had to be parked with mechanical issues during Race 1. The little purple bunny must have nibbled on the wiring, but he took it with grace.

Both Realtime Acura TLX-GTs had to be parked during the first race, with both cars suffering suspension damage from hits on track. Little did Peter Cunningham and Ryan Eversley know that a purple bunny ran out in front of the offending cars, right? Probably not, but whatever. Blame Fluffy anyway.

"You want me to pose with this deranged stuffed animal that somehow borked a vital suspension piece in a race from in the pit lane?!"


Bunny giveth, as Bunny taketh away. While some people rely on a rabbit's foot for good luck, the whole rabbit is far luckier (and not to mention less horrible–poor bunnies). Eversley won both Best Standing Start and Hard Charger for his fifth-place finish in the second race of the weekend.

You could also blame (credit?) Bunny for that. The Jalopnik Puffa-bump is real! Drivers who gave Fluffy a squeeze did 78% better in the races this weekend than drivers who didn't hug her in this completely made up and falsified imaginary statistic.

Even humble B-Spec racers weren't immune from Bunny's meddling. This expertly fixed tape window is a great example of damage that can be blamed on a featherweight stuffed animal.

The Aston Martin GT3 of LG Motorsports was not turning left in this picture.

Suspension failure via hard smack? Blame Fluffy.

This 997 GT3 Cup car kept going after t-boning another car in the esses. Now that's what I call tough!

That being said, this round of largely cosmetic damage is absolutely the work of a vintage Fisher-Price toy.

Bunny made this mess because she wanted to sit in the headlight assembly. Busted.

Likewise, James Wilson put his flashers on after making contact with another car in the race where this punt happened. I didn't see it happen, but it's definitely Bunny's fault, anyway.


Like Eversley, though, Wilson won the Hard Charger award for the race after Fluffy's lucky soft parachute-material buttocks graced the gaping hole where a fog light would usually go in the front of his car. Wilson gained fourteen positions from the start of the race to claim a fourth place finish.

Race car drivers are excellent at making excuses: fact. That being said, there is no better scapegoat than a cuddly stuffed animal. You can't stay mad at her. If you want to pick a fight with her, it'll be one sided and silly. Besides, she's a proven lucky charm.

Can't figure out why you hit another race car/can't start your race car/can't stop your race car before the end of a runoff zone?

Blame Fluffy!