Porsche would like you to know that if you have one of their historic Le Mans racers, they’ll be happy to restore it for you from now on. Personally, I just want to post many pictures of this Porsche 917K.

Rennsport Reunion V is starting tomorrow at Laguna Seca, and this 917K will be one of the many attractions. Seriously, if you’re into Porsches that do actual racing, head to California right now.


So far, if you had a classic Le Mans Porsche, you had to go the certain specialists to get it up to speed. Based on my experience at Goodwood events, those garages must be doing a pretty good job, but from now on, you can take your car straight to Porsche as well. They also seem to know how to work on these. I mean, just listen to this:

Here’s what they have to say about the gig:

The figurehead for the new business service is the now completed restoration of a Porsche 917K. The legendary victorious car of the 1,000-kilometre race at Spa in 1971 experienced its roll-out at Porsche Motorsport North America and can now be admired at the “Rennsport Reunion”, the world’s largest event featuring historic Porsche race cars held from September 25-27 at Laguna Seca in California. The race car was also successfully campaigned in the USA, for instance at Watkins Glen, before it was finally put into storage at the museum in Zuffenhausen. In 2009, the vehicle was painted in the famed Gulf colours and exhibited in the museum. In 2012, Porsche Motorsport North America was commissioned to restore the race car to its 1971 condition and get it back on the track. This task was implemented using a variety of resources, such as the Porsche Museum archives with its extensive collection of documents, as well as in consultation with witnesses of that time and, of course, by relying on the experience and broad knowledge of older and former Porsche employees. To firmly anchor this expertise at Porsche and pass it on to future generations of staff is another important goal that Porsche is pursuing with the new area of business.

In addition to restorations and repairs, Porsche also offers a comprehensive service for owners of historic race cars to take their vehicles racing. This includes, for example, the replacement of safety-relevant parts. Especially now, this is an issue with many Group C vehicles that were built 30, 40 years ago. When it comes to safety, and only then, deviations from authenticity can be made. For instance, old safety belts are not fitted.

Very nice. And now, the pictures of said automobile:

Sehr gut.

Photo credit: Porsche

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