We can't stop staring at this car. You can't stop staring at this car. Here's some shots Tavarish took of it from the Chicago Auto Show. Nissan may have just brought a show-car version of its GT-R LM NISMO LMP1-class Le Mans prototype race car, but there's still plenty of details to drool over.

Hooniverse touched on this a bit better in their video walkaround of the car, but look at how small it is in comparison to the man standing next to it. LMP1s are short, low to the ground, and a lot smaller than you'd expect in person.

Another favorite detail is the exhaust sticking out of the hood, by that white piece next to the mirror. There will be flames. Shooting. From. The. Hood. Ohmygoshthat'samazing.


Many more technical pundits have compared the tapering central rear end design where air flows around the center of the car to a boat, but unfortunately, panels were blocking the full upskirt view at the auto show. Without those panels in place, you can actually see through to the front of the car.

Huge air scoops in the front route air through the car.

Fans have already dubbed this car the Batmobile because of its long snout and Tim-Burton-esque curvy shape. (I almost prefer it in the nude for that reason and that reason alone.)

The front wheels on this car are much wider than the rears to put all that front-wheel-biased power to the ground effectively.

Here's a great close-up of the headlamps, which are required to run through the night. It's amazing to look at these tiny lamps in comparison to cars that ran only a decade ago. Lamps have shrunk, become brighter and more efficient. Awesome.

Haters are going to claim "blah blah, it's a GT-R in name only," but look at the taillights! Several little visual cues such as the four round lamps in the back as well as the GT-R in the stripe on the side were carried over from the road car to make the connection a little more obvious than "there's a twin-turbo V6 somewhere in there."

Finally, here's a peep shot of one of the narrower rear tires. They're not driving the car all the time like the fronts are, so they don't need to be anywhere near as wide as the fronts. Everything has a purpose, as dragging around a bigger rear tire would just be unnecessary extra mass to haul around and more grip than needed that would slow the car down.

Is it April yet?

Photo credits: Tavarish