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Actor Gerard Butler handled the post-race interviews for the Formula One United States Grand Prix, and of course, Red Bull driver and third-place finisher Daniel Ricciardo handed him a shoe to toast. Butler doesn’t drink alcohol, but Ricciardo was more than happy to fill it with Red Bull instead of champagne.

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“The race wasn’t that exciting, but hopefully now!” said Ricciardo, who has been doing this Australian “shoey” toast every time he ends up on the podium.

Butler said “I hate you” before chugging the shoe’s grimy contents.

While Butler described it as “actually quite tasty,” the assortment of gross-out faces he made afterwards gave that away as a lie.


Personally, I think my coworkers (read: not me) need to try out the “shoey” toast, just to be sure. I have a shoe! I can get it sweaty!

Photo credit: Kurt Bradley
Photo credit: Kurt Bradley

Bonus: Gerard Butler even signed the shoe with a special message for Ricciardo.

That’s perfect.