"Press on regardless" is a phrase more closely associated with rally, but Kuba Giermaziak definitely proved that it applies to Porsche Supercup, too. Bumper mostly off? No big deal. Keep racing.

Things started off as well as they could for Giermaziak, driving the white and red car with "Poland" across the back wing. He had worked up to sixth place, with a few of the fastest lap times in the race, bound to catch up with the leaders. Then someone cropped his bumper in the rear.

It's just a floppy bumper piece! What's the worst that could go wrong?

Unfortunately, having a big waving air brake behind him slowed Giermaziak down, and he ultimately dropped back to seventh place.

The upside is that nobody really wanted to come up close behind him, either.

Giermaziak may have just unknowingly disproven every 24 Hours of LeMons-grade attempt to work James Bond-style booby traps onto beater endurance racecars. You can add defensive dingleberries onto your car, but they're probably going to slow you down in the process.


Either way, 7th place is an admirable finish for a car that's dragging around a giant chunk of itself off the back.

This car just kept going and going. It was like the Energizer Bunny of busted Porsches.