All photos credit: Nissan

Every year, a mind-blowing collection of significant, fast and interesting Nissan cars descends upon Fuji Speedway for the Nismo Festival. In addition to gems pulled from Nissan’s own collections, private owners from around the world bring everything from historic race cars to wildly modified show cars.

Fans can even go out in tour buses around the track while this incredible volume of old race cars runs alongside them. The Nismo Festival attracted cars from some of the world’s most infamous, grueling races, including Le Mans and Bathurst. Lest we forget the new stuff among the ridiculous Skylines and Group C cars, there was even a small army of Micras that is truly adorable.


In case you missed the nearly eight-hour livestream of the event, Nissan sent along a set of jaw-dropping photos of the more amazing cars that showed up. Try not to drool too much—that’s messy, you know.